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About Benjamin Crill

My first experience with computers was looking at an old computer my brother brought home from college and thinking 'I can probably build that myself.'  And so I did.  The rest is history.  My first job I worked for an agricultural company based in Indiana (ok that really doesn't narrow it down but that is not the point) where Citrix was heavily utilized for user access to data and applications.  I saw the power of the technology, loved it, and dug into it.  I moved into consulting a few years later and have been doing it since 2006.  My main focus has been on end user computing technologies (Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, Horizon View, IGEL, etc) as well as supporting technologies.  I feel one of my strengths is understanding how the whole solution fits together and impacts each other.  From storage to servers to network to thin clients and all in between, I enjoy seeing the interaction and figuring out how to make the system hum.  While I pride myself on knowing a great deal, I am certainly not the end all source of information.  I constantly strive to learn new things about new things and new things about old things.  So welcome to my little slice of digital heaven.  I welcome conversation and collectively picking each others' brains.

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