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And so the journey begins

And so my digital online presence begins. The internet will never be the same again. That's not to say I'm that amazing (although I think I am) but merely one cannot not have an impact on the environment in which they exist.

Ok that was a lot of extra negatives and WAY too philosophical to start my first blog post.

So what will you find here going forward? You are going to find my thoughts, just mine nobody else, on things I find important. Yes it is all about me :) Mostly I'm going to stay focused on things of a professional nature and the profession in which I am involved; end user computing. However I cannot promise that certain current events or non-professional experiences won't creep into the discussions. Feel free to comment as you wish, all I ask is you keep it professional, respectful, and courteous. You may not agree with all my opinions as I may not agree with yours (lord knows I've pissed off enough vendors in my day), but this is not the forum for the airing of grievances. That is best left to Festivus time prior to the feats of strength.

And with that I will end my first blog. If there are topics you would like me to weigh in on feel free to send me a note. If there are ones I touch on that you think I'm way off base, send me a note. Either way, buckle up, gonna be a fun ride.

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