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Never reverse image again - with the right tools like Unidesk

So I just had a bit of epiphany. Application layering these days is all the rage and offers a number of promising solutions to application management problems. But what if an application management tool could help you with OS management???? Well that's exactly what having a tool like Unidesk can do for you. So Citrix resolved the need to reverse image for PVS tools in the 7.8 release, but what about when hypervisor tools need updating. You might luck out and the tools change may not have anything to do with the network stack and all is well and good. But if it does, well you are still doing the same boring reverse image process. Enter Unidesk. Given how they layer the OS along with applications, the hypervisor tools would get updated as a layer and then PVS on top of that. So yes you will have a new PVS image, but you were going to have a new PVS image anyway. This way you don't have to provision extra storage temporarily, reverse image it back to a VM, pray you remember that local admin password because the AD account is likely jacked now, uninstall the agents (because that ALWAYS go swimmingly), install updated agents, then image back to a new vDisk.

Some might say......well I can automate that process. You would be correct it certainly is something that could be scripted, orchestrated, etc. But if you do that then you are writing something that is one off AND you don't have the application management piece to things. Oh and you are thinking about adding cloud into your IT strategy?

So back to the premise of my enlightenment....the right tools make the work easier. I have been thoroughly impressed with what I have seen from Unidesk as a tool for so much more than application layering. Their version 4 release is impressive and continues to evolve at a pretty rapid pace. Give it a look, I am sure you will be impressed too.

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