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Moving application definitions between farms

Came across this little script for dumping application definitions and then being able to add them to a new farm. Helps when you need to upgrade but don't want/can't upgrade controllers in place

First you Export your apps on the XDC:

get-brokerapplication | export-clixml C:\apps.xml

Copy this file to DC2 and run the following:

$dg = Get-BrokerDesktopGroup "<desktop group name>" $apps = Import-Clixml C:\apps.xml foreach ($app in $apps) { New-BrokerApplication -ApplicationType HostedOnDesktop -BrowserName $app.Name -CommandLineExecutable -$app.CommandLineExecutable -Enabled $app.Enabled -Name $app.Name -UserFilterEnabled $app.UserFilterEnabled -DesktopGroup $dg $user = $app.AssociatedUserNames Add-BrokerUser -Name "$user" -Application $ }

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